The Best Bowling Alleys & Pro Shops In New Orleans

 Best bowling alleys New Orleans lanes tournaments near you

Throughout this post we will be breaking down the best bowling alleys and pro shops in New Orleans. Our main goal is to give you the info you are after whether you are a professional or just trying to have some fun at the lanes.

We can’t come up with a more practical way to begin this than by listing the best New Orleans bowling alleys. The majority of our readers are probably ready to hit the lanes right now making them the most logical place to start.

We’ll try to provide you with as much information as possible about what is available at each spot during our discussion of places to bowl near you. Some centers may host kids, adult, senior, or ladies leagues and tournaments and if so that will be noted.

Then we will discuss which alleys have cosmic bowling or are good for kid’s birthday parties, have laser tag, arcades, pool tables, or private rooms. Additionally we will try to fill you in on any specials, discounts, or happy hours for cheaper lane time in your area if we know about them.

Some alleys can be better for adults as they might have sports bars, live music, or just more of an adult party atmosphere. After that you will learn about where you can buy balls, bags, shoes, grips, finger inserts, and all kind of accessories at the best local bowling pro shops.

You can expect them to also be able to do things like drilling, plugging, fitting, resurfacing, cleaning and engraving. Towards the end you will even find an alley and pro shop map so you can get a better feel for the area, and you are all welcome to read more of our posts on this part of the world right there.

Best Bowling Alleys In New Orleans

The best New Orleans bowling alleys and centers are a good place to join a league, get some practice in, or just have some fun at the lanes:

Fulton Alley has 12 bowling lanes near you that host birthday parties and private events plus they have a nice cocktail lounge.

At Westside Bowling you will find 20 lanes, a great arcade, a restaurant, and a bar offering delicious food and drinks.

Bayou Fun Time Bowl & Grill is a good place to try cosmic bowling in your area on Fridays from 6pm to 10pm on their 8 lanes plus military veterans always get 50% off.

Colonial has 24 lanes while AMF All Star has a whopping 64 lanes where local tournaments, leagues, birthday parties, and other events take place. They also offer a 50% discount at times during the summer if you are looking for a cheaper place to go bowling.

Best Local Pro Shops

Bowling World at Fountain Square Shopping Center at 3640 Williams Boulevard in Kenner is a good place to buy balls, gloves, bags, shoes, and other gear. You should also find more bowling pro shops near you at those alleys we were just discussing.

Drilling, plugging, fitting, resurfacing, cleaning, and engraving balls should also be possible.

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Have Fun Bowling In New Orleans

We really did do our best to break down the local scene for you today. Anyone that wants to head to an alley in your area to have fun on the lanes, join a league, win a tournament, throw a kids birthday party, or enjoy the music and lights for a fun cosmic game you should have a much better understanding of what is available around town.

Now go have fun visiting the best bowling alleys and pro shops in New Orleans!

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